Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bargain Bride

The Bargain Bride is #76 in Barbara Cartland's Camfield series by Jove and was published in December 1989. The Earl of Blakeney is in debt after inheriting. Marcus Winton, viewing his disastrous gambling at Whites, decides to help him by marrying his sister and paying off his debts. Aleda isn't too happy with this solution and is concerned that he has married her to advance his social position. However, when she is kidnapped in London by some Chinese men, she discovers her husband's secrets!

Our cover artist shows the rescue of Aleda in the story. Our heroine is safe and the hero is relieved. The Chinese man and his servants seem more interesting that the couple and I'm intrigued with the room where this is all set. Not something you'd easily find in 1800's London! The cover is almost too busy.

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