Monday, February 7, 2011

Love is Heaven

Love is Heaven is #17 in the Camfield series by Jove publishers and was published in January 1985. Delysia's sister, Fleur, was in love with young Lord Sheldon and all London knew it. However, Lord Sheldon already had a fiancee and a ruthless uncle, Magnus Fane, who is determined to keep his nephew from starting a scandal. Delysia and Magnus end up in a confrontation which ends up in love!

Remember the earlier "naked" covers? We continue for the next few books a series of awful, awful cover art. I don't know who was organizing this, but I can't help but think that Barbara Cartland didn't like these at all! When you compare these to the earlier Francis Marshall covers, it makes you want to cry in frustration. While the stories are good, the art is awful. I'm glad that they didn't continue with this trend. Even the floral picture covers later in this series are much better.

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