Sunday, October 24, 2010

Looking for Love

Looking for Love is #152 in the Bantam series and was published in February 1982. Gilda is living alone since her father died and is wondering how to make ends meet when her spoiled sister visits from London. Her sister is determined to make the Marquis of Staverton marry her, but she ends up taking an overdose of laudanum and dies! Gilda decides to impersonate her sister in order to escape her poverty filled life when she meets the Marquis!

This is an interesting cover since our heroine knows that she's not the girl who the Marquis thinks she is! I like her blue regency gown and the lilies that she is carrying. Note the other touches in this very elegant room. Another great story by Barbara Cartland!


  1. What a delight to find this blog. I have loved Regency romances for most of my adult life and Barbara Cartland was always one of my favorites. Her books were the perfect "no major commitment" quick and easy read for those times when I just wanted to escape to the world of Regency England and be entertained. You seldom hear her name mentioned on the blogs today; but I personally always remember her novels fondly.

    I wrote my first (and only) Regency romance novel over 35 years ago (which I recently pulled out of the drawer and self-published), and she (along with Georgette Heyer) was one of my main inspirations for wanting to write a Regency.

    Thank you for sharing.