Thursday, July 1, 2010

LOL: Leave It To Love

Leave It to Love is the last of the Barbara Cartland Library of Love condensed books that were illustrated by Francis Marshall. A few others were published with inferior illustrations.

Pamela Wynne is the author and this book was published in February 1979. It's a tender story about a girl named Gay who is hired to read to Sir Peter, since he's blind, and ends up falling in love with him.

Francis Marshall illustrates a scene from the book where our heroine reads the newspaper to the hero. It's an attractive cover and we see our heroine, sitting on the floor next to the hero's chair, while the background shows other books and a table with flowers. We get the impression of a comfortable and favorite room.

I will be posting some of the last Francis Marshall covers that I have for Barbara Cartland next. These are some from her Ancient Wisdom series and various biographies of famous people that she wrote. Once those are listed, I will take up where I left off with the Bantam romances and list the rest of Cartland's books, even though these were not illustrated by Francis Marshall.


  1. one of my favorites, love this one and also the cover pic

  2. Thanks so much for all your work collecting the Barbara Cartland books - I agree with you that the cover art by Francis Marshall is gorgeous - one reason why I prefer the books she published in the '70s.