Friday, November 6, 2009

A Gentleman in Love

A Gentleman in Love is #116 in the Bantam series and was published in February 1980. It is the story of Thalia, who is a milliner while she and her mother wait for her exiled father to return to England. She meets the Earl of Hellington in the dressing room of an actress and he becomes intrigued with her. Find out what happens next in this romantic story from Barbara Cartland!

Francis Marshall illustrates our couple at a restaurant. He is handsome in regency evening attire while she is pretty in a simple pink dress with dark blue accessories. I think it's interesting that she's not wearing a hat, even though she's a milliner! Notice all the details of the table and background, too!

Restaurants were popular in regency times and many offered private rooms for intimate dinners. Some of the great hotels offered meals and it was a creative outlet for chefs to start a restaurant and hopefully gain a clientele. Food and its serving was an important artistic feature of the regency.

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