Monday, August 2, 2021

Eternal Collection Titles

Barbara is reissuing her older novels in the Eternal Collection. These are already documented in this blog under previous publishers such as Bantam, Camfield, Jove, Corgi, Pan, etc. 4 titles a month are being reprinted until all 500 are published. These are the trade size blue covers with original art work.

I thought for reference that I'd list the titles in the Eternal Collection so that you can look at the original book. I will add as more titles become available.

001. Elizabethan Lover
002. The Little Pretender
003. A Ghost in Monte Carlo
004. A Duel of Hearts
005. The Saint and the Sinner
006. The Penniless Peer
007. The Proud Princess
008. The Dare-Devil Duke
009. Diona and a Dalmatian
010. A Shaft of Sunlight
011. Lies for Love
012. Love and Lucia
013. Love and the Loathsome Leopard
014. Beauty or Brains
015. The Temptation of Torilla
016. The Goddess and the Gaiety Girl
017. Fragrant Flower
018. Look, Listen, and Love
019. The Duke and the Preacher's Daughter
020. A Kiss for the King
021. The Mysterious Maid-Servant
022. Lucky Logan Finds Love
023. The Wings of Ecstasy
024. Mission to Monte Carlo
025. Revenge of the Heart
026. The Unbreakable Spell
027. Never Laugh at Love
028. Bride to a Brigand
029. Lucifer and the Angel
030. Journey to a Star
031. Solita and the Spies
032. The Chieftain Without a Heart
033. No Escape from Love
034. Dollars for the Duke
035. Pure and Untouched
036. Secrets
037. Fire in the Blood
038. Love, Lies, and Marriage
039. The Ghost Who Fell in Love
040. Hungry for Love
041. The Wild Cry of Love
042. The Blue Eyed Witch
043. Punishment of a Vixen
044. The Secret of the Glen
045. Bride to the King
046. For all Eternity
047. A King in Love
048. A Marriage Made in Heaven
049. Who Can Deny Love?
050. Riding to the Moon
051. Wish for Love
052. Dancing on a Rainbow
053. Gypsy Magic
054. Love in the Clouds
055. Count the Stars
056. White Lilac
057. Too Precious to Lose
058. The Devil Defeated
059. An Angel Runs Away
060. The Duchess Disappeared
061. The Pretty Horse-Breakers
062. The Prisoner of Love
063. Ola and the Sea Wolf
064. The Castle Made for Love
065. A Heart is Stolen
066. The Love Pirate
067. As Eagles Fly
068. The Magic of Love
069. Love Leaves at Midnight
070. A Witch's Spell
071. Love Comes West
072. The Impetuous Duchess
073. A Tangled Web
074. Love Lifts the Curse
075. Saved by a Saint
076. Love is Dangerous
077. The Poor Governess
078. The Peril and the Prince
079. A Very Unusual Wife
080. Say Yes, Samantha
081. Punished with Love
082. A Royal Rebuke
083. The Husband Hunters
084. Signpost to Love
085. Love Forbidden
086. Gift of the Gods
087. The Outrageous Lady
088. The Slaves of Love
089. The Disgraced Duke
090. The Unwanted Wedding
091. Lord Ravenscar's Revenge
092. From Hate to Love
093. A Very Naughty Angel
094. The Innocent Imposter
095. A Rebel Princess
096. A Wish Come True
097. Haunted
098. Passions in the Sand
099. Little White Doves of Love
100. A Portrait of Love
101. The Enchanted Waltz
102. Alone and Afraid
103. The Call of the Highlands
104. The Glittering Lights
105. An Angel in Hell
106. Only a Dream
107. A Nightingale Sang
108. Pride and the Poor Princess
109. Stars in my Heart
110. The Fire of Love
111. A Dream from the Night
112. Sweet Enchantress
113. The Kiss of the Devil
114. Fascination in France
115. Love Runs in
116. Lost Enchantment
117. Love is Innocent
118. The Love Trap
119. No Darkness for Love
120. Kiss from a Stranger
121. The Flame is Love
122. A Touch of Love
123. The Dangerous Dandy
124. In Love in Lucca
125. The Karma of Love
126. Magic from the Heart
127. Paradise Found
128. Only Love
129. A Duel with Destiny
130. The Heart of the Clan
131. The Ruthless Rake
132. Revenge is Sweet
133. Fire on the Snow
134. A Revolution of Love
135. Love at the Helm
136. Listen to Love
137. Love Casts Out Fear
138. The Devilish Deception
139. Riding in the Sky
140. The Wonderful Dream
141. This Time It's Love
142. The River of Love
143. A Gentleman in Love
144. The Island of Love
145. Miracle for a Madonna
146. The Storms of Love
147. The Prince and the Pekingese
148. The Golden Cage
149. Theresa and a Tiger
150. The Goddess of Love
151. Alone in Paris
152. The Earl Rings a Belle
153. The Runaway Heart
154. From Hell to Heaven
155. Love in the Ruins
156. Crowned with Love
157. Love is a Maze
158. Hidden by Love
159. Love is the Key
160. A Miracle in Music
161. The Race for Love
162. Call of the Heart
163. The Curse of the Clan
164. Saved by Love
165. The Tears of Love
166. Winged Magic
167. Born of Love
168. Love Holds the Cards
169. A Chieftain Finds Love
170. The Horizons of Love
171. The Marquis Wins
172. A Duke in Danger
173. Warned by a Ghost
174. Forced to Marry
175. Sweet Adventure
176. Love is a Gamble
177. Love on the Wind
178. Looking for Love
179. Love is the Enemy
180. The Passion and the Flower
181. The Reluctant Bride
182. Safe in Paradise
183. The Temple of Love
184. Love at First Sight
185. The Scots Never Forget
186. The Golden Gondola
187. No Time for Love
188. Love on the Moon
189. A Hazard of Hearts
190. Just Fate
191. The Kiss of Paris
192. Little Tongues of Fire
193. Love Under Fire
194. The Magnificent Marriage
195. Moon over Eden
196. The Dream and the Glory
197. A Victory for Love
198. A Princess in Distress
199. A Gamble with Hearts
200. Love Strikes a Devil
201. In the Arms of Love
202. Love in the Dark
203. Love Wins
204. The Marquis Who Hated Women
205. Love is Invincible
206. Love Climbs In
207. The Queen Saves the King
208. The Duke Comes Home
209. Love Joins the Clans
210. The Power and the Prince
211. Winged Victory
212. Light of the Gods
213. The Golden Illusion
214. Never Lose Love
215. The Sleeping Princess
216. A Song of Love
217. Flowers for the God of Love
218. The Dawn of Love
219. Terror in the Sun
220. The Shadow of Sin
221. The Prude and the Prodigal
222. Love in Hiding
223. Real Love or Fake
224. Caught by Love
225. The Audacious Adventuress
226. Love is Heaven
227. Temptation of a Teacher
228. A Miracle in Mexico
229. The Sign of Love
230. Lucky in Love
231. Seek the Stars
232. An Adventure of Love
233. Lost Laughter
234. Love and the Cheetah
235. A Very Special Love
236. An Innocent in Russia
237. The Necklace of Love
238. The Passionate Princess
239. Kiss of Life
240. Kneel for Mercy
241. This is Love
242. Imperial Splendor
243. Never Forget Love
244. Love for Sale
245. The Spirit of Love
246. The Odious Duke
247. Music from the Heart
248. Running Away to Love
249. Desire of the Heart
250. Lovers in Paradise
251. A Kiss in Rome
252. Lights, Laughter, and a Lady
253. The Irresistible Buck
254. Lovers in Lisbon
255. The Love Light of Apollo
256. An Innocent in Paris
257. Paradise in Penang
258. Love Me Forever
259. Love, Lords and Ladybirds
260. Women Have Hearts
261. The Eyes of Love
262. The Hidden Evil
263. Enchanted
264. Love and the Marquis
265. Stand and Deliver Your Heart
266. Two Hearts in Hungary
267. Look with the Heart
268. A Magical Moment
269. The Patient Bridegroom
270. Escape from Passion
271. The Protection of Love
272. Walking to Wonderland 
273. The Elusive Earl
274. Good or Bad?
275. The Daring Deception
276. Beyond the Stars
277. Helga in Hiding
278. Love Has His Way
279. The Earl Escapes
280. The Lioness and the Lily
281. Love Rules
282. The Loveless Marriage
283. The Angel and the Rake
284. The Wicked Widow
285. Love Comes to the Castle
286. Love at the Ritz
287. Passage to Love
288. A Theatre of Love
289. Desire in the Desert
290. The Lovely Liar
291. The Waltz of Hearts
292. The Bargain Bride
293. Desperate Defiance
294. The Bitter Winds of Love
295. Dance on My Heart
296. To Scotland and Love
297. Dreams Do Come True
298. The Haunted Heart
299. A Circus for Love
300. A Knight in Paris
301. Love and Linda
302. Love Locked In
303. A Herb for Happiness
304. Broken Barriers
305. A Dog, a Horse, and a Heart 
306. The Queen of Hearts
307. Money, Magic, and Marriage
308. A World of Love
309. The Windmill of Love
310. The Perfection of Love
311. The Twists and Turns of Love
312. Help from the Heart
313. The Dangerous Marriage
314. The Dragon and the Pearl
315. The Mask of Love
316. The Secret of the Mosque
317. The Wrong Duchess
318. A Coronation of Love
319. A Royal Punishment
320. A Dream in Spain 
321. The Devil in Love
322. Look with Love
323. Sapphires in Siam
324. Hiding
325. Conquered by Love 
326. The Hellcat and the King
327. A Rainbow to Heaven
328. Love is Contraband
329. Wings on My Heart
330. The Hidden Heart
331. Cupid Rides Pillion
332. Against the Stream
333. The Captive Heart
334. Journey to Paradise
335. The Enchanting Evil
336. The Enchanted Moment
337. Afraid
338. No Heart is Free
339. Love is an Eagle
340. The Dream Within
341. A Heart is Broken
342. A Serpent of Satan
343. Lights of Love
344. Danger by the Nile
345. The Coin of Love
346. The Leaping Flame
347. A Heart in the Highlands
348. The Music of Love
349. A Frame of Dreams

Monday, May 31, 2021


Sawdust is Barbara Cartland's second book and the story of Ian Carington and Wanda Gladstone. They meet and marry and live in 1920's London until fortune gains them an estate once in his family.

My copy is inscribed by Cartland "To Vera" and dated 1926. This was like Jigsaw, her first novel, and never published in paperback. I have never read If the Tree is Saved, For What?, Not Love Alone, Passionate Attainment, Dangerous Experiment, and Now Rough-Now Smooth. These are earlier books that were not published in paperback or in the USA.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cleaning up and adding photos


Today I did some housecleaning on the blog. I merged 2 separate posts about Sweet Enchantress into one and then added some new (really old) cover photos to the following titles:

The Incredible Honeymoon
The Enchanting Evil
Secret Fear
A Virgin in Paris
The Unknown Heart
Love to the Rescue
The Little Adventure
The Unpredictable Bride

Also, a reader sent me a clue that Barbara Cartland's website was listing some old Francis Marshall cover art and I have added photos to these posts:

The Dangerous Dandy
Mine For Ever
Mission to Monte Carlo
Money or Love
No Darkness for Love
No Time for Love
Secret Love
They Ran Away
Who Can Deny Love?

I hope that we continue to find new FM cover art! Please contact me by leaving a comment on the blog if you notice a new picture.

The two pictures on the left look like Christmas cards that Francis Marshall may have sent Barbara Cartland! I'm glad we're seeing more of his art work on her website which is linked below.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Love Finds the Duke at Last

Published in January 2018, Love Finds the Duke at Last is #160 and presumably the last in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland. This was a collection of unpublished manuscripts left after her death in 2000.  Her son, Ian, has published these into this collection. He is also currently republishing older titles of Cartland's.

This is also the 654th book in this blog collection. I know of 2 titles not yet published in book form: The Secret Princess (published in French but not English) and A Challenge of Hearts (published in audiobook form only).  Cartland's Amazon page states she wrote 723 titles with 644 being romances. I have included a few non-romances in this blog because they have a Francis Marshall illustrated cover.

This story is about how the Duke foils a marriage plan from a spoiled beauty and saves her cousin, Devinia, at the same time!

This cover is identical to Walking in Wonderland #113 in the Camfield series.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Love Danced In

Love Danced in is #159 in the Cartland Pink Collection and was published in December 2017.

Joanna West inherits her parents home that needs renovation and decides to give dancing lessons to raise the money. She asks her near neighbor, the Earl of Hollington, if she can use his ballroom and he agrees since he also needs an influx of cash. How they combine forces and find happiness is the plot of this newest Barbara Cartland novel.

This cover is identical to #13 Camfield White Lilac

Thursday, January 18, 2018

From the Dangers of Russia to Love

From the Dangers of Russia to Love is #158 in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland. This novel was published in November 2017.

Alvita's brother, Ivor, informs her that they must leave Russia, where they have been living due to the coming revolution. A friend of Ivor's helps them leave with some of their valuables, but Alvita doesn't trust him and when they make it to England, she finds him stealing from them. How this is all resolved with the help of the Marquis of Harrington is the plot of this story!

This cover is identical to a Library of Love: The Broad Highway. another Francis Marshall cover!

Monday, November 27, 2017

A Princess Runs Away

A Princess Runs Away is #157 in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland and was published in October 2017.

Orphaned Princess Vasila is living in England and is told by Queen Victoria that she is to marry the Prince of Saralovia, who is requesting a Royal British wife. She runs away to the circus and meets a man who is also hiding from those who wish to kill him. How he comes up with a creative solution so that he and Vasila can marry is the plot of this romance!

This cover is identical to Bantam #115 Women Have Hearts.