Monday, September 17, 2012

One Minute to Love/The Earl's Revenge

 One Minute to Love/The Earl's Revenge is a hardcover book that was to be the beginning of the Barbara Cartland Romance Club and dated 1993. I could not find any other books in this series, so this was either a test or there was not enough interest in this club, which was probably mail order back then. The Earl's Revenge has been recently published in the BC Pink Edition, a series of unpublished manuscripts now being published by Cartland's estate and available by mail order. It is #53 in the series.

One Minute to Love is the story of Yolisa, who is asked to travel to Kavalla with her diplomatic uncle, who is to try and help stabilize the country on behalf of the Queen.

The Earl's Revenge is the story of Charles Lynton, who is on the point of offering for a beauty, who turns him down for the heir of a duke. Furious, he meets up with a poor friend and asks his sister to help with his horses for a price, but is really plotting against the beauty!

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